Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Behting's study

I loaded Behting's study today in my computer, wanting to see if any of my loaded chess engines would be able to find the solution of this famous problem.

For those who dont know this famous study - it dates from 1906 and was created by Karlis Betins ( Karl Behting in German ) from Latvia who worked a lot on the Latvian gambit.

White must try to secure a draw in this exciting position

Can you find the drawing move ?

If not, dont feel depressed - none of the chess engines could find it either...

But it is remarkable that the human mind could conceive this puzzle in 1906, and no computer is able to break it in 2011. Food for thought, no ?

Maybe we should all start playing the Latvian gambit, as the author ( Behting ) was the key contributor of this opening - as a sort of tribute, saying "I am playing an opening invented by a human that is smarter than any computer !".

If you, or your computer, can find the correct move ( without looking it up on the internet ), you are really a miracle man !

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  1. My seven year-old brother gave me the simple tip that a quenn can't mate alone on the open field. Then it was just the grip to see that the black king can't help his pawns even with a queen sacrifice.