Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Opening Lanes

Yesterday evening all old books in my local chess club were auctioned. I was able to get some bargains, as one of the books was written by Gerhart Gunderam, a name that is familiar to many Blackmar Diemer gambiteers. I bought the book for 1 euro and indeed - the book is loaded with lots of games and analysis on the Blackmar Diemer. The is dated 1961 and is signed, unfortunately not by the author. It is like holding history in my hands as I was still like that one.

I will start looking into it and report any interesting stuff back to you asap.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Picking up old loves again

Sometimes it is good to pick up old loves again. Okay, maybe not in real life, but in chess for sure. I got bored of the drawish French defense and have decided to pick up good old Latvian again. Despite the horrible beatings I had to endure... And the first serious game got me nearly into a win against a much stronger opponent.

Simic - De Bouver, Antwerpen,
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Bc4 fxe4 4.Nxe5 Qg5

A horribly complicated position for white - white can emerge with an advantage, but it is not easy...

5.d4 Qxg2 6.Qxh5+ g6 7.Bf7+

White seems to know the theory... bad luck for me...

7...Kd8 8.Qg5+
No good, much better is 8.Bxg6, when white sacrifices his h1 room in a search to strangle the black king.

8...Qxg5 9.Bxg5+ Be7 10.Bd5

The remainder of the game was quite simple for me after 10...Bxg5 11.Nf7+ Ke7 12.Nxg5 Nf6 13.Nc3 and a draw was quickly agreed.

So my old love did not turn me down after dating someone else !!