Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An update on Behting from Robert Houdart.

I corresponded with Robert Houdart, the author of Houdini, whether Houdini is able to resolve the Behting study (diagram).
white to play and draw

Robert kindly advised that (translated from Dutch) "...The difficulty in the Behting study is not to find 1.Kc6 ( Houdini sees this as a clear draw ), but to see that 1.Ng7+ looses for white. This is very complicated , a position occurs of queen against 2 knights plus a pawn, that happens to loose for the queen ( with a nice zugzwang ). Please refer to the analysis on Unfortunately, this analysis lies beyond the capabilities of Houdini 3 on normal hardware..."

So we see that Houdini cant resolve all chess problems yet - but for us, mere mortals, it should be sufficient to help us improve our Blackmar Diemer games. Thanks Robert !

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