Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's more complicated than that.

Earlier posts ( The Long Bogo and The Long Bogo (2) ) covered 8...Bg4 in the Long Bogo.

This week's post covers 8...Bf5. It seems white can easily gain space on the king side with 9.h3 ( diagram ), followed by 10.g4.

Let's look at a possible great black defense : 9...Ne4
It is not covered at all by Scheerer, but a great move, as it forces the immediate exchange of a piece.
10.Qe1 Nxc3 11.Qxc3

Now it seems to me that 11..c5 is simply winning for black

eg 12.Qxc5
...a1/ 12...Na6 13.Qa3 (=)
...a2/ 12...Nc6 13.d5 (=)
...a3/ 12...Nd7 13.Qa3 (=)
...a4/ 12...a5 13.Bd3 (=+)

Other white 9th moves are no better either, eg 9.Bd3 Be6 ( resembling the same retreat in the Gunderam defense ) 10.Bh6 Nc6 and black is better.

So don't throw away your Studier Attack textbooks yet, since the Long Bogo also seems to have its problems !

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