Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Blackmar Diemer for Kasparov

I was invited yesterday evening into the television studios for a broadcast of the Belgian national television for "De Laatste Show", featuring chess legend Gary Kasparov.

He talked mostly on children and chess, indicating that schools with chess lessons performed far better on all topics. He explained that chess is a kind of bridge that links the old world of traditional playing and the new computer era.

He also covered Russian politics and expressed his sadness on the Russian democratic process.

My two children Caroline and Penelope ( 6 and 9 years ) were hoping to get an authograph of him, but after the show, he rushed away, leaving them disappointed. I has been hoping to give him a copy of my Blackmar Diemer book - maybe even trying to get a few comments from him on our beloved gambit. But no luck this time - guess he had more important things on his to do list.

1 comment:

  1. How disappointing. His celebrity status prevents him of recognizing genuine people, chess enthusiasts like you Guido. I wonder what can happen, maybe Googling, for him to stumble upon this page and enlighten us with "Gari on Blackmar-Diemer" and not only on Zaitsev Variation of Ruy Lopez. He wouldn't loose the crown to come among ordinary fellow chess players, would he?